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              Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

              We live in a world of great diversity – gender, race, culture, age, sexual orientation, abilities, skills, experience, values, hopes, fears and dreams. In human diversity we see strength, the uniqueness that each of us can contribute to the greater good. By valuing this diversity, we are each afforded, and in turn afford others, the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our company's success. At WEC Energy Group, we are committed to maximizing both individual contributions and organizational effectiveness through the diversity of our workforce. We are committed to being an inclusive organization where all employees feel valued, respected and engaged. For this purpose, we will:

              • Ensure a highly qualified and diverse organization in all areas and at all levels.
              • Actively seek out and encourage diverse ideas, perspectives and points of view.
              • Establish an inclusive work environment that respects and embraces diversity.

              These commitments reflect our strong determination to be a high-performance, pluralistic organization that will have a sustained competitive advantage in a global energy marketplace.